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Vision Education


Dr. Bates observed that we predominately see with the mind and only partially with the eyes. The Method is, in fact, an educational process with the use of special activities to give extra stimulus where this is needed.


The emphasis is on improving the use of the eyes in everyday life, learning to use the eyes and mind in a relaxed and natural way while becoming ever more interested in the world around.


As with any educational process, those who approach it seriously get the most benefit; the basic skills can be learnt in a few lessons, and a lifetime can be spent refining the way you put them into practice.

Normal Eyesight


For anyone who wishes to preserve and maintain good or 'normal' sight - the Method can improve it still further.


Many people with good sight have experienced such benefits as improved concentration, faster reading and better all round co-ordination.


In addition to the improvement of vision, there is often the experience of enhanced qualilties of all aspects of sight (e.g. colour, texture, and depth perception), better balance, increased energy and a feeling of being present.

In Today's World


The Bates Method is especially relevant in today's world, for example, by helping computer users to avoid eyestrain, and sports men and women to improve their game.



The 'Method' can be used with babies and young children through games and environmental stimulus - the teacher, in this case, will be mainly teaching the parents how to work with their child.


Older children often take a lively interest in the work and problems can often be arrested in the early stages.

Mature Years


In mature years vision problems (including eye conditions) are often due to acquired habits of strain and can be bother prevented and reversed in many cases - it's never too late!

Bates Method has helped many


The Bates Method has helped many people to greatly improve their vision with conditions such as:-


• Short sight (Myopia)


• Long sight (Hypermetropia)


• Astigmatism


• Squint (Strabismus)


• Old age sight (Presbyopia)


• Lazy eye (Amblyopia)


• Children's vision


• Eye diseases such as:-


— Macular Degeneration


— Cataract


— Glaucoma


— Retinitis Pigmentosa


—- Diabetic Retinopathy


— Iritis, uveitis, choroditis




for anyone who wishes to maintain or enhance good vision in any situation. For example, at the computer, for closework, or, for sports and leisure activities.

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