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Dr. WILLIAM H. BATES (1860-1931)



Dr. Bates aquired the highest medical training in ophthalmology. He practised mainly in New York and worked in a number of important teaching hospitals between 1886 and 1896.


During this period he noticed that the vision of his patients was extremely variable. This fact, led him to become disillusioned with the practice of presecribing lenses and surgery, and he began to wonder about the possibility of natural eyesight improvement.


He resigned from most of his hospital appointments and in the closing years of the 19th century he began research into finding an alternative way of helping people improve their vision.


Through his research Dr. Bates (in his book "The Cure of Imperfect Sight Without Glasses" - published 1920) found that:-


• Normal sight is inherently variable


• Defective sight can get better as well as worse


• Poor sight and eye disease are intimately related


• Eyesight is an important indicator of mental, emotional and physical health

Bates Method


Dr. Bates natural eyesight education developed out of his research and his work with people of all ages. The work has now become known as the 'Bates Method'.


The Method is based on 3 fundamental principles:-


• relaxation


• awareness/attention


• movement

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